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Bringing Balance To Mind And Body

To Straighten the crooked,

you must first do the harder thing...

Straighten yourself.


Chiropracitc care

Chiropractic gently moves the the bones of a joint in order to activate the nerves of the muscles and connective tissue attached to the joint to relieve pain and diminish tension in the attached muscles.


Massage therapy

Relax and let one of our wonderful massage therapists whisk away your stress. Massage is known to reduce muscle tension and soreness, lower heartrate and blood pressure, and improve circulation and energy.


Therapeutics shop

Colley Avenue Chiropractic and Bodyworks also offers an assortment of therapeutic balms and oils. The front desk offers our exclusive selection of Young Living Essential Oils as well as Spirit of the Herb oils and tinctures. With new products arriving every day ask at the front desk for more information.

Colley Avenue Chiropractic and Bodyworks

A Place for Wellness.

Chiropractic has built a reputation over the last several decades for Neck and Low back pain.

Most people have heard the terms ‘Chiropractor’ and ‘Back Pain’ together. The majority of our patients come find us to relieve their back pain, neck pain, headaches and related physical symptoms. Chiropractors have had great success for decades in treating these conditions, as we work to balance, the muscles, joints and the skeletal and neurological frameworks that support them.

I know that you will find our Zen-Asian, Family Friendly atmosphere unique and relaxing! For chiropractic care, massage, (or both!), we look forward to meeting you!

~Dr. Ryan Rooyakkers


Are truly something special. They are all very experienced, and all work in a therapeutic capacity with our Chiropractic patients during the week. They are equally comfortable giving an amazing spa/relaxation massage that will float you away, or work more deeply to help you care for more pressing issues or sports challenges. You will not be disappointed!

​(did you know...often your Flex/FSA/HSA card can be used massage? Yep!)

What others are saying

they love about Colley Avenue chiropractic

“Dr. Ryan is friendly, knowledgeable and kind.

I put off coming to see him until I was in a good amount of pain and after the first visit was SHOCKED to walk out already feeling a difference! The fact that there are also massage therapists in house and you can pair your massage with adjustment at the same time, in the same place is invaluable to those of us with busy schedules. The office is very calming and everyone is so friendly!

Also, he does not put people on long term plans just to get them to come back multiple times a week, but works with each person to do what's best for them and figure out how to maintain their health and strength and reduce pain levels!

-Amanda McGhee



Katherine Funk

I was desperate for help with an issue that I could not get resolved for months. I saw these folks the day of the appointment made and haven't felt this great in a long time. I am so very thankful I found this group.


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