Colley Avenue Chiropractic and Bodyworks

Who needs massage?


Massage is the manipulation of the soft-tissues of the body which helps to ease stress and muscular tension, relieve pain from injuries, and help speed healing.  Chiropractic and massage work hand-in-hand, correcting soft-tissue and skeletal challenges and disorders together.  Massage helps Chiropractic care wrk better and faster.  And, if you have been getting frequent massage, but find that your symptoms return within a day or two, Chiropractic care can correct the underlying structural problems that are creating you soft-tissue symptoms.

The Certified Massage Therapists at Colley Avenue Chiropractic and Bodyworks have been carefully screened and chosen for their professionalism, excellent bodywork skills, and thorough knowledge of the body.  They then each receive additional training in our office to enhance their skills with specific care of the spine and skeletal frame.

Who needs Chiropractic care?


All of us are constantly doing things in our life that stress our musculo-skeletal system...our muscles and bones...especially of our back/spine and neck.  Sometimes we suffer a major 'trauma', like an automobile accident, lifting something too heavy, or too much yard work in one weekend.  Other times, we suffer what are called repetitive 'micro-traumas'.  This is when we do something small, but we do it over and over and over again.  Something like sitting at a computer or desk for a couple of hours.  A couple of hours is a stress.  A couple of hours, added to another couple of hours, added to another couple of hours, day after after day after day (I think you get my drift), and you end up with chronic symptoms (like pain, headaches and muscle tension) due to repetitive micro-trauma.  This can cause just as much trouble as one big trauma...and make you just as miserable.  Sometimes we don't even know WHAT we did...we just know that we woke up this morning and couldn't get out of bed without intense pain!